Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Latest poll shows Obama trailing badly in Oklahoma (as expected)

Obama isn't going to win Oklahoma in November.

But there is something happening here.

In 2004, I saw very few Kerry bumper stickers and yard signs around town. Maybe a handful.

Recently, however, I'm seeing Obama bumper stickers and yard signs everywhere. I can think of two possible reasons for this. The first reason is probably more likely: I'm spending most of my time in Midtown, which can kind of be thought of as Tulsa's "liberal oasis." The second reason, which would be really something, is that Obama is getting more traction here than the polls show.

Again, I'm leaning towards the first reason. I don't see much visible support for Obama when I go down to South Tulsa. But if Obama is gaining more traction in Tulsa than the polls show, then that's a pretty significant thing, and it bodes well for down-ticket races, especially Georgianna Oliver's race against John Sullivan. If Obama can energize enough Dems in District 1 to go to the polls, Oliver might just have a shot. Obama might even help Andrew Rice, who is also trailing in the polls.

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  1. Two of our children, who grew up in Tulsa in Midtown and wouldn't live anywhere else in the City limits, also call it a liberal oasis. Visiting there in June, I noticed Obama bumper stickers much more often than I did McCain stickers. I also believe a few of those who've branded themselves "GOP" may be keeping their change of heart under wraps because of social pressure. I don't believe Oklahoma will go for Obama but I am hoping there'll be more votes than the polls show, just to justify my optimism.