Thursday, August 7, 2008

I had hoped my post regarding Sally Kern would elicit a more civilized response...

But sadly no. Here's my response to Bill Kumpe's bloviating, asinine, and hate-filled screed, in which he simultaneously accused me of using hate-speech, and then, with the same breath, called me an ignorant, depraved pervert. That kind of doublethink is simply breathtaking.

Thus, here is my response to Mr. Kumpe:

I had hoped that my post would elicit a more civilized response from its readers, but clearly you're much more interested in calling me a depraved, ignorant pervert than in having an actual, rational discussion.

So be it. You can mask your hatred and homophobia in whatever religious texts give you the most comfort, but you're still a bigoted, ignorant, and sad excuse for a human being.

All that the gay community wants is the right to be left alone to live our lives in peace. That's all we want. We don't want to force you to have sex with us. We don't want to come over to your house and have sex on the floor and force you to watch us do it. We don't even want to call you and tell you we're having sex. So why is it your business whether, when, and how we have sex in the privacy of our own lives?

Moreover, how is it your business whether we have the right to get married? Despite your bloviating about religiously based common law, we are a nation based on religious freedom and the rights of the individual. Therefore, it should, again, be none of your business whether I want to marry my life partner.

The bottom line is this.

All we want, all we've EVER wanted, is for people like you, sanctimonious, self-righteous, ignorant, fearful, homophobic theocrats, to leave us the hell alone and let us live our lives in peace.



I don't understand why Kumpe and his theofascist friends are so utterly obsessed with what I do in my bedroom, and what rights my partner and I have to live together as equal partners, as spouses, just like a straight couple does.

Don't we have more pressing issues happening in the world? Calling me a pervert isn't going to lower the price of gas, stop the war in Iraq, or get anyone relief from foreclosure. Railing against marriage equality isn't going to give healthcare to anyone, fix unemployment, or rebuild our nation's infrastructure.

So my message is this, and it has always been this.