Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Endorsement: Jared Polis for Congress (Colorado)

Jared Polis will soon make history as the first openly gay man to be elected to Congress as a non-incumbent. His election will mark a greater victory in the GLBT community's ongoing struggle for equal rights and equal recognition. Please click the link above to learn about Jared's campaign.

Here's an excerpt from a note I received from the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund about Jared's campaign:

This milestone is an important one for our community. It sends an unmistakable signal that voters are willing to consider gay people as leaders at the highest level of government, and brings us closer to the American ideal of a truly representative government.

This tremendous victory is the culmination of Jared’s deep commitment to the people of Colorado, and of the hard work and discipline of his entire campaign team. We congratulate Jared and honor his achievement on this important night in the fight for LGBT equality.