Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC Convention Coverage

Sinister will provide analyis of the DNC convention. I have been following the coverage, but I haven't had a lot of time to digest it.

A few preliminary notes:

1) Bravo to Ted Kennedy - he demonstrated great personal strength last night and demonstrated why he continues to be a progressive leader. Jeers to the media who used the speech as an excuse to eulogize the man before he's even dead. We don't know how long Kennedy has. Let him have his time.

2) Bravo to Michelle Obama - her speech was human and authentic, and it struck the right note to introduce Barack as a faithful and passionate husband and father.

3) Ouch, my teeth to the sweetness cascade as Barack spoke to his wife & daughters by satellite after Michelle's speech. It was an adorable moment. Maybe too much so.

4) Continued blech to Nancy Pelosi. I didn't watch her speech. I'm still supporting Cindy Sheehan.

5) Bravo to Howard Dean for his 50-state strategy that is putting states like Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, and Alaska in play this year, and that will give the Democrats a big majority in both houses of Congress. Dean continues to demonstrate the kind of forward, progressive thinking that the Democrats have needed for ages.

6) Jeers to a lot of the media coverage from the major networks, and the vapid speculating over the whole "Clinton-Obama" feud that, frankly, really doesn't exist anymore except as a media creation.

7) Jeers and a half to James Carville, who couldn't wait to slam his own party this morning for perceived "weakness" on the first night. The speeches by Kennedy and Michelle Obama were powerful statements about what the Democratic Party stands for, and what America can expect from Barack Obama. There is time to go negative, but last night was about unity and purpose.

That'll do for now - more tonight.