Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tulsa's new dog park

The city has converted a disused baseball diamond on Charles Page Blvd. into an off-leash dog park. I took Wendy there last night, and met some very friendly folks who are part of the "Tulsa Bark Park" effort. The link at the top of this post is to the Tulsa Bark Park website, from which you can subscribe to a Yahoo! group dedicated to Tulsa's quest for a permanent off-leash dog park.

I support this effort, at least until I move to Portland, which is a city full of off-leash dog parks. I think it's ridiculous that Tulsa hasn't had a dog park until now, and I'm glad to see that this effort is happening.

Wendy, by the way, had a great time. Once she had gotten over the initial shock of meeting a whole group of dogs at the same time, all of whom wanted to sniff and examine her, she was as happy as, well, a happy dog. I will definitely be bringing her back there.

I encourage those of you who are pet owners to check out the dog park, and to join the Tulsa Bark Park Yahoo! group. The park is on Charles Page Blvd. east of 33rd West Avenue. Look for a parking lot with a lot of police cars in it next to a baseball diamond. It's also, oddly enough, right next to some kind of detention facility, but I don't think that's going to be a problem.