Monday, July 7, 2008

Sinister News Flash

Sinister, Oklahoma's premier gay left-handed radical progressive blog, will be making a transition over the next year.

Your humble blogmaster is planning to move to Portland, Oregon next May or June. My partner and I are sick of being shackled to our cars in a city that, to put it succinctly, feels like a level of a video game that we've both completed. There's nothing more to discover, to see, to do, no more monsters to kill. We've done this city, and it bores the pants off of us. We have a number of friends who are moving to Portland because of jobs, so we're following them out there.

This decision was again reinforced today, as I'm dropping another $200 on tires because of these shitty streets.

So we're packing up, selling our cars, and moving to a city with decent public transportation, a vibrant restaurant scene, better salaries, and a much, much better climate (yes, I'd rather have 9 months of rain than deal with another Oklahoma summer). Plus, we'll be able to get a legal domestic partnership in Oregon, which, while it's not marriage equality, is at least a document that will give us a legal relationship, and all of the rights and responsibilities that go with it.

Until the move actually happens, which will be next May or June, I'll continue to cover national stories on a regular basis. I'll also continue to cover local Oklahoma stories, but probably with less frequency. And you might just see spotlight stories featuring the great city of Portland.