Friday, July 25, 2008

Oklahoma ranks 2nd in nation for deficient bridges

More than 5,000 bridges in the state are considered deficient. Pennsylvania's more than 8,000 deficient bridges earned it the top spot on the list. The status of deficient means the bridges are not unsafe but are so deteriorated that they must be closely monitored and inspected or repaired.

The report said it will take billions to fix the 12 percent of the nation's 600,000 bridges that are rated structurally deficient by the Federal Highway Administration.

Like I keep saying, we need a big Federal program to fix our crumbling national infrastructure. Our highways, bridges, and levees are all deteriorating at an alarming rate. Such a program will also create jobs during a difficult economic period - which can't be a bad thing. Of course, the Bush crime family won't touch it, so doubtless more lives will be put at risk driving over unsafe bridges or living in flood zones with levees teetering on the brink of collapse.