Friday, July 11, 2008

Attention Teachers! Sinister needs your help!

If you're a teacher, I'd like your input. After my partner finishes his engineering degree, I'm planning on getting an MAT in English so that I can teach high school (or maybe college). I'd appreciate any advice, tips, warnings, caveats, "stay the hell away from this field" warnings, encouragement, discouragement, etc, that you can throw at me.

Specific questions I have:

1) How crazy are teenagers these days? How much of your day is spent managing misbehaving students versus actually teaching? How do you control your students? On a related note, how do you manage the parents of your students?

2) How do you manage your lesson plans? Specifically, how do lesson plans work on a daily basis? Do you spend your summers making lesson plans for the whole school year, or do you make lesson plans as you go?

3) Am I crazy to attempt a teaching career knowing that I have a raging case of ADHD which limits my ability to focus and organize time properly?

4) Can I teach college with only a MAT, or do I need a PhD? I'm mostly interested in teaching high school at the moment, but I may want to move into teaching college at some point.

I'll take your comments either as e-mails or as responses to this post - your choice.



  1. Teachers are like a glorified baby-sitter. Once you get the kids to respect you, you're as good as good as gold. Lesson plans will generally be made to follow state requirements. You need a PhD to teach at the university level; I'm not sure about community colleges. ADHD could be a MAJOR problem when grading 100s of error-filled essays. Just think about that.

  2. Teenagers are not crazy..they just know everything and you know nothing. They don't misbehave...they express themselves. Half your parents won't give a shit about the kid and the other half will give you shit about the kid. Lesson'll dream lesson plans..they won't come true, but you'll dream them. ADHD....over a third of your class will be ADHD so you'll be just fine. And forget about teaching...there is no teach in teacher anymore. You will be a test now. You spend all your time preparing your students to test. I'm just talking Oklahoma, could be different somewhere least I hope it is.