Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Welcome, LeftyBlog readers

I'm glad to see Sinister on the blogwire. I've been trying to feature more local content in the past few months, and I plan to continue that trend. As you'll no doubt notice by visiting the archives, I'm also very interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Presidential race, the war, and a whole host of other issues.

You will also want to tune in on Fridays and Mondays. Fridays I feature a "Happy Friday" post with a funny video. These videos have recently featured Eddie Izzard and Monty Python, but I'm planning to expand that repertoire. Mondays I feature a loldog, a cute picture of a dog with a funny caption. Just the thing to brighten up a dismal Monday morning.

I've experimented with doing a podcast, and I'll probably try that again at some point.

Comments are moderated here, but that's only because I've gotten a lot of spam, and I want to avoid that. I won't censor you because you disagree with me, as long as you do so respectfully.

Anyway, many thanks to the good folks at LeftyBlogs for including me.