Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Support me to go to Netroots Nation!

Click the link to nominate me for a Democracy for America scholarship to attend Netroots Nation in Austin this July. I think I would get a lot out of it, which would only make this blog better. And we all want that, right?


  1. I see no place to nominate anyone...

    Also, if I vote for you, and you get to go, I expect prodigious news posts, twittering several times hourly, and a t-shirt signed by McJoan.

  2. If you click the headline, it'll take you straight to my application page. You should be able to nominate me there.

    I don't "twitter," but I will pledge to post more prodigiously.


  3. Oh, didn't think to click there -- not usually an external link...consider twitter. If you have a cell phone you an use Jotter to post Tweets via voice calls, or use text messaging to sent updates -- frequent, short posts to follow the action. I bet you would get lots of followers.

    Anyway, I'll vote and spread the word. Wish I could go too...