Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Tulsa World eats Sally Kern's head

Nice editorial trashing Sally Kern for her racist, homophobic, hate-filled rant.

Equating sexual orientation with knocking down the World Trade Center is divisive and dangerous, not to mention dumb.

Rep. Kern may think she speaks only for herself but in the eyes of the nation her vitriol slops over on all Oklahomans.

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  1. I first heard the clip on Joe.My.God. when her identity was still undisclosed.

    The JMG guys quickly determined it was Sally Kern and then began inundating her email and phone with letters and calls.

    Now I understand that those who sent emails will be "investigated." By whom or what agency, I don't know.

    My own email merely suggested that she review the words in the Bible about love and that it would have been better for all had she been born gay instead of hateful.

    Vicious, wretched, angry, pathetic woman. I am increasingly concerned about rising levels of homophobia, sexism and racism these days. It seems everyone's riled up and ready and willing to point a condemning finger at some other group as the cause.