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And it begins

Anti-Hamas clashes in Gaza. See, Hamas, this is what happens when you subvert the democratic process you claim to represent through a bloody coup d'etat and then get yourself isolated by the international community. Terrorists.

In honor of Iowa

The song of the day is...

"Big Gay Heart" by the Lemonheads

"Big Gay Heart" by the Lemonheads

Victory in Iowa

Court rules same sex couples in Iowa can marry!

Another step forward on the long march toward marriage equality across the country.

And in

Screw it

I'm voting for Kucinich. If I can't have a decent candidate, I can at least have a slightly silly candidate with decent ideas.

Gonzales resigns; Chertoff to get nod

It's just been ice cream lately. First Rove, now Gonzales. And while Rove's departure really doesn't mean anything substantively, though it was a good symbolic victory, Gonzales' resignation is a real substantive victory. The latest news is that Homeland Security secretary Chertoff is going to get the nod to replace Gonzales. We'll see what the Democratic Senate does with that.

In other news, I hate Mondays.

Oy, these Democrats...

You know, I've never been totally happy with the Democratic Party. Well, that's actually a huge understatement - see my below post about my own personal political evolution. Anyway, I don't think anyone really is totally happy with the Democratic Party.

This week has really pissed me off. And I'm pissed at someone I never thought I'd be pissed at (at whom I never thought I'd be pissed?) - Howard Dean. The DNC is threatening to take Florida's delegates away from the DNC convention because Florida had the audacity to move its primary up. This is such a petty, unnecessary, bullshit squabble. Let the Floridians vote when they want to. If we're really going to make the Presidential election and primary cycle a state by state process, then let the states do what they may. Otherwise, let's just have a national damned primary, all on one day. This party infighting only brings more negative light on the Democratic Party, and in a state that is, oh,…

Hamas TV Bee: Sick stuff

from MEMRI:

Special Dispatch-Palestinian/Jihad & Terrorism/Indoctrination of Children
August 17, 2007
No. 1683

Hamas Bee Nahoul Abuses Cats, Lions at Gaza Zoo, Calls for Liberation Of Al-Aqsa Mosque

To view this Special Dispatch in HTML, visit:

The following are excerpts from an episode of the children's program Pioneers of Tomorrow, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on August 10, 2007.

As part of the redesigned MEMRI TV website, each of the over 70 Arab and Iranian TV channels monitored has its own designated webpage:

To view the webpage for Al-Aqsa TV visit:

To view this clip, visit:

"We Must Arise in Order to Take Revenge Upon the Criminal Jews, the Occupying Zionists"

Nahoul, a giant bee: "My friends, Al-Aqsa awaits you. My dears, Al-Aqsa is very sad. My friends, Al-Aqsa is bein…

MA Health Care Law

Interesting analysis of the new Health Insurance law in Massachussets. There's a great quote in this article from an employee decrying how "liberals force-feed" people policies like mandatory health insurance. Something tells me Mitt Romney would object to being called a liberal...

I'm still undecided about the new law - I think it has noble intentions, but I would still like to see a state or two experiment with single-payer. I think it would work beautifully.

Castles in the Clouds

A rather cynical look at the current peace efforts between Abbas's West Bank government and Israel. I don't know how much I buy this author's pessimism about the process. What does it matter that Abbas is perceived as weak? If we can bolster his credibility and support among the greater Palestinian public, while at the same time isolating Hamas, wouldn't that increase chances that a real peace deal could be hammered out? And if Israel needs a missile shield to protect itself against rockets from Gaza, then Israel must build a missile shield.

Hillary actually impresses me

Hillary shoots down someone who accuses her of supporting "socialized medicine."

Now, I do support socialized medicine, but that's beside the point - Hillary has never advocated it. No Democrat actually understands, let alone advocates, true socialized medicine.

I won't get into it now, but just watch the video.

"Messianic Judaism"

is Christianity. Messianic "Jews" are not Jews. Anyone who claims Jesus as messiah or God is not a Jew. I am a Jew, and I am quite proud of my heritage. I do not need to receive ranting offensive e-mails from Christians trying to warp my religion for their own purposes. I especially do not need to receive e-mails from homophobic Christians trying to warp my religion for their own purposes. If you are one of those people, kindly take your hate speech elsewhere.

That means you,

"The Faith of Yahshua
John and Jayna Dinnyes
P.O. Box 9932
Fountain Valley, CA 92728"

Thanks. Thanks so much.

The evolution of political thought

I became politically aware sometime in high school, after speaking with one of my classmates who claimed to be a member of the Communist Party. This intrigued me - I had had no idea that we had a Communist Party here in America. I had thought that it was only the Democrats and Republicans. I started looking into the giant morass of political opinion in this country, doing a lot of Internet research on the various tiny left-wing factions that basically consisted of a website and several dozen people sitting in intense discussion about obtuse Marxist theory.

Marxism turned me on in a big way - the idea that most of our modern problems could be traced back to class struggle made a lot of sense to me. I quickly became radicalized and joined what I thought sounded like the most sensible of the radical left-wing groupings out there, the Socialist Party, USA. This was a group that encouraged debate, eschewed dogma, and promoted radical economic democracy - the workers truly controlling…

2008 Presidential Polling: Democrats - a biased view

New polls out show Hillary, Edwards, and Obama in a dead heat in Iowa. Meanwhile, national polls consistently show Hillary way ahead and Obama slipping, with Edwards a distant third.

Here's the thing.

The national polls don't matter. We don't have a national primary. The only polls that actually matter are those in the early primary states: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. Of those, the poll that really matters the most is Iowa. Edwards has been running in Iowa since before the 2004 election ended, and has built up a huge campaign operation there.

This is, of course, a double-edged sword for Edwards. He has built up huge expectations for himself in Iowa, so much so that if he doesn't absolutely win Iowa, he's likely finished. However, if he does win Iowa, it will give him credibility and momentum to propel him into New Hampshire and the rest of the early primary states. That momentum may just doom Hillary and Obama to oblivion. Like in 2004…