Sunday, August 26, 2007

Oy, these Democrats...

You know, I've never been totally happy with the Democratic Party. Well, that's actually a huge understatement - see my below post about my own personal political evolution. Anyway, I don't think anyone really is totally happy with the Democratic Party.

This week has really pissed me off. And I'm pissed at someone I never thought I'd be pissed at (at whom I never thought I'd be pissed?) - Howard Dean. The DNC is threatening to take Florida's delegates away from the DNC convention because Florida had the audacity to move its primary up. This is such a petty, unnecessary, bullshit squabble. Let the Floridians vote when they want to. If we're really going to make the Presidential election and primary cycle a state by state process, then let the states do what they may. Otherwise, let's just have a national damned primary, all on one day. This party infighting only brings more negative light on the Democratic Party, and in a state that is, oh, I don't know, REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT to the election. The DNC should just back the hell off.

In other news, John Edwards is kind of a jackass. In extremely calculated comments last week, he attacked Clinton and Obama without naming them. Then, he went on TV and denied that he had been aiming his attacks at them. But when he goes spouting off about the Lincoln Bedroom, then who the hell else is he attacking?

That, along with other things that have just pissed me off about all of the Democrats in the field, is the reason that Sinister, is now, officially, UNDECIDED about the Democratic primary. I hereby rescind any kind of endorsement I may have once had for John Edwards, including the bumper sticker on my car. I will vote for the guy if he is nominated, which looks even more doubtful every day, but I don't think he's worth fighting for in the primary.

The only candidate with ideas I really like is Dennis Kucinich, and he's Mickey Mouse.

Maybe I'll vote third party again. Who knows. Bloomberg looks attractive. Hell, I'll support almost any Jew for President, unless he's Joe Lieberman.

In a related story, Rudy Giuliani is out of his frikkin' mind.


  1. On the DNC vs. Florida thing...part of me is glad that someone is standing up to these states that keep pushing up their primaries. That crap has got to stop. But the manner in which it is being handled is not good.

    I pretty much agree with your current assessment of Edwards. He's a goob.

    As far as the primary is concerned I'm trying to decide between Obama and Richardson. I think either would be better than Hillary or Edwards.

    I'm also considering voting for Bloomberg. I think he would make a very good president.

    I'm sure I'm about to open a can of worms by asking this, but what is wrong with Lieberman? Aside from his position on the war, what has he done that is so bad? I've always really liked the guy myself and still think he would have made a good president.

  2. Joe Lieberman has voted with the President more often than most other Democrats. I don't know the exact percentage, but Joe Lieberman is Bush's man in the Democratic party (...sorry, Bush's "independent").

    I also hated the way he screwed over the Democrats in the '06 election. The Democrats nominated Ned Lamont, giving Joe a clear message that his time was past and that the Democrats wanted a real progressive candidate. But instead of bowing out respectfully and honorably, Joe ran as an "independent Democrat" and actually defeated Ned. Now he's an "independent" who still supports more of the President's policies than most of the other Democrats. He's socially conservative, a hawk, and an opportunistic schmuck.

    I actually participated in a conference call with Joe during the '04 election, and I questioned him about his dismal score from the ACLU. He gave me some vague answer about "oh I didn't know about that I'll have to look at it."

    Anyway, the point is, Joe Lieberman is a bad, bad man.

  3. lol, not gonna vote... classic.

    Then you can be the first to claim (fill in Republican name) stole the 2008 election by getting more votes.
    sound familiar?

  4. It would help if your responses made any kind of coherent sense, redstater.