Sunday, May 20, 2007

Poets for Peace

I was asked to read poetry today at an event with "Poets for Peace," specifically local poets Rev. Mary McAnally and Deborah Hunter. I hadn't written poetry seriously in years, so it was a bit of a challenge to come up with good stuff. Still, I think I managed it.

Here's what I wrote for and read at the event:

1. So I was asked

to read a poem about
honestly I don't know
if I have it in me
or what possible insight
I could give
I'm no soldier
and I haven't lost anyone
My only connection
is my humanity
burying its head in the sand
because it can't believe
where these kidnappers in chief
have taken this country
strapping us all to a chair
in their dank basement
forcing us to watch them
smear our best intentions
with their own special brand of bullshit.

2. Mission Accomplished

A fool
whose misrule
misconstrued the miscreants

attacked the facts
erasing the shame
of unjust war

but still the rifle
in white gloved hand
stands at attention

and the tense handkerchief
trembles, soaked
in unnecessary grief

as the mute draped boxes
silently march
one by one

hurrah, hurrah

3. exhausted

tired of lies
tired of seeing
good people buy them

compromising principle
we think we're invincible
while the invisible truth looms like teeth
sharp, inevitable

tired of numbers
body counts discounted
by the apathetic demographic

and it seems distance of death matters
massacres at home shock us and awe us
but massacres over there
well, we can change the channel

tired of timetables
fables of benchmarks
we're all marked

our outrage redacted
with the black marker
of unfair
and unbalanced news

I'm tired
because every day the lies become heavier
and America's back
can't hold the weight much longer

I'm tired.