Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gore "thinking about running"

at least according to a Daily Kos blogger who spoke to him.

It's funny. In 2000, I hated Gore and I thought the 2 parties were no different from one another. I still think, as I explained below, that the Democratic Party is waaay too cautious about a lot of stuff, and I'm consistently disappointed by them, but I've changed my tune about Gore. I met the guy in 2002 during a campaign in Florida I was working for, and heard him speak. He's actually a really likeable, pleasant, intelligent, sharp, speaker. And he's done a lot of good raising awareness about global warming and the climate crisis.

My question as always to Mr. Gore is this: What did you and Pres. Clinton do for 8 years for the environment? Did you force car companies to increase emissions standards? Did you roll out the bully pulpit and demand that we sign Kyoto? Not quite. Yes, they were working against a Republican Congress, but still. I've never believed that the Clinton administration did enough for the environment. Thus, my continued skepticism about Gore, although I do believe he'd be a decent Presidential candidate in '08.