Wednesday, January 10, 2007

House Passes Minimum Wage Increase

It's only the middle of January and already the Dems in the House are doing more than the entire 109th Congress ever did. Let's just hope that this bill isn't ruined by Senate stupidity or a veto. In fact, let's hope that if a veto does come down the pike, the Dems can pluck up the chutzpah and the votes to override it.

Course then the Prez would just do a signing statement saying "yeah, I'm not going to enact this, because I'm a slave to the corporations and slimy people who bought me the presidency, and they're against it."

Oh, and Mr. President, I'll show you where you can stick your troop surge. Right up John McCain's ass. He's the only person in the country who still seems to believe in you.

Less than two years left to a Democratic President.