Sunday, December 10, 2006


Well, what happened this week? Not a lot, as far as I've heard...


The Iraq report came out and was swiftly denounced by the leader of Iraq, and the conservatives. Rupert Murdoch showed that he's gotten quite good at arguing his case from the standpoint of an absolute blithering moron, and the bobbleheaded morons on right-wing talk radio and television were right there with him. Bill O'Reilly advocated the death of 26 million people. Tony Snow accused a reporter of being partisan because the reporter dared to quote the Iraq report at him. Have I mentioned how much of an absolute dickhead Tony Snow is? He's his ability to just...lie.

Pinoshit died today. Now there was a real winner. Overthrew a democratically elected government with the help of who now? Oh yeah, the good old US of A. We just love to meddle in the affairs of South America, and look what a great job we've done molding it into a continent that's subservient to our corporate needs. Wait. No, sorry, South America is rebelling against us and electing populist governments. How dare they?

The Conservative branch of Judaism, in a very Jewish move, approved three conflicting texts at its meeting concerning the role of gays and lesbians as clergy. The good news: I could now apply to the Conservative seminary, if I wanted to. I don't want to, because I'm not a Conservative Jew, but the point is that I could.

(addendum: it was a very Jewish move because whenever you have two Jews in a room, you have at least three opinions. Which is one of the main reasons why I'm a Jew. No it isn't.)

Well, it looks like the queue for my Warcraft realm is empty, and I can now play my game. Please, comment on any or all of the above stories, you fictional people who read my blog regularly.