Edwards '08?

John Edwards has announced his run for President. Considering his only "official" opponents are Tom Vilsack, whose name alone will deny him the Presidency, and Dennis Kucinich, a well-meaning nutjob, Edwards currently has my provisional support.

Right after the 2002 elections, I started looking for a candidate to support in 2004. By December of 2002, I was already a pretty solid Dean supporter, and I stuck with Dean to the bitter end. I thought Edwards was way too slick, and he came off as fake, like Hillary Clinton fake. But he has since impressed me -- he seems a lot more genuine than I gave him credit for in 2004. He's got a lot of charisma, he seems to be a real idealist with a lot of heart, and his work over the past two years on the issues of income inequity, social justice and bringing attention to global conflicts like Darfur, has impressed me.

I don't know if I'm yet ready to slap an Edwards '08 sticker on my car, but it's not out of the question.


  1. awww dammit. I like Kucinich... He'll never win, but I like him!

  2. I like Kucinich too -- but he's out of his bleeding mind. The man's website describes him as a "prophet," and his wife's blog discusses the Zodiac's relationship to his campaign.


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