Monday, November 20, 2006

We will succeed unless we quit?

Keith Olbermann lays out the real lessons of Vietnam.

Some highlights:

"And the fifth crucial lesson of Vietnam, Mr. Bush — which somebody should’ve told you about long before you plunged this country into Iraq — is that if you lie your country into a war, your war, your presidency will be consigned to the scrap heap of history."


"We will succeed against terrorism, for our country’s needs, toward binding up the nation’s wounds when you quit, quit the monumental lie that is our presence in Iraq.

And in the interim, Mr. Bush, an American kid will be killed there, probably tonight or tomorrow.

And here, sir, endeth the lesson."


  1. Lesson of Vietnam huh?

    I guess you and Mr Olberman missed school the day they discusse Vietnam.

    It was John F Kennedy who led us into that war... so he was a liar who's administration is considered a failure?

    Once again liberals BUSH Hatred blinds them from the simplest facts and history.

    The lesson from Vietnam Mr Olberman is to WIN or have it thrown in your face for eternity by your opponents.
    THe lesson is don't start a war unless you intend to win it.

  2. Dearest Redstater,

    You seem to really enjoy posting comments on my blog. While I have no problem with you doing so, I do wish you'd make sense once in a while.

    And by the way, have you seen the recent study proving a direct link between Bush support and psychosis?

    Just something to think about.