Wednesday, November 1, 2006

My letter to the Tulsa World

Dear Editor,

I just watched what has to qualify as the most offensive Republican attack ad I have ever seen. It was hateful, bigoted, and mean-spirited. Todd Hiett should be ashamed of himself. His ad attacks Jari Askins because she had the audacity to espouse "tolerance" towards equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. He called her "tolerance" a quality that is "too liberal for Oklahoma." I think all Oklahomans should be insulted by the suggestion that we're all as bigoted as Todd Hiett. Stop picking on the GLBT community, Mr. Hiett. We haven't done anything to you, and we're not a threat to anyone in Oklahoma. All we want are the same rights you and your family already enjoy. If you are in favor of defending family values, Mr. Hiett, then you should value all families. Attacking those whose families are different from yours is not a sign of moral strength; it's a sign of moral cowardice and bigotry.

1 comment:

  1. Nobody is attacking you.
    Disagreeing on a subject is not an attack. That is where you (and liberals) miss the boat.
    By refusing to discuss and convince others of your point and instead choosing to elbow your way into getting what you want by screaming rasism everytime someone disagrees with the homosexual view is not the way to win friends and influence society.

    The fact is that the majority of Oklahomans (and Americans) agree with Mr. Hiett's position. In fact most Democrats even agree that marriage (as we know it) is between one man and one woman. (Clinton)

    Most people think that civil unions are okay and that they can be defined to accomodate same sex couples.
    But that doesn't seem to be good enough. For some reason you want to redefine something that already has clear definition instead of getting what you want.

    Or is what you want merely to change America to fit your needs and force acceptance down people's throat. (no pun intended) If thats the case, get ready for a long fight.