Thursday, November 30, 2006

Free speech.

Keith Olbermann lays the smackdown on Newt.

Speaking of free speech, it does include the right to post confusing, illogical rants on my blog. But considering the recent study linking support for Bush directly to mental illness, it may not be a good thing to, well, spout right-wing crap. To rebut several arguments made on this blog recently:

1) Equal rights do not equal special rights, and a "civil union" for same-sex couples is exactly the same thing, and has exactly the same arguments behind it, as separate water fountains and schools based on race. Remember, back in the day, the same bigots who hate the idea of me and my partner getting married were horrified by a black man and a white woman getting married. That also violated the sanctity of marriage.

2) Six muslim men praying privately to themselves at an airport is hardly the same thing as forcing public school students to participate in state-mandated religious observances. I'm frankly stunned that somebody would even make that comparison.

3) You don't go into a war without a plan to win it? Really? Do I even have to make a counter-argument here? Alright then, what's our plan to win in Iraq? Go on, tell me.