Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Yom Kippur is over.

Which is a good thing.

Republicans have yet another scandal on their hands. No surprise there. The only question is: could this Mark Foley thing be a manufactured distraction designed to take our minds off the fact that the Republicans shredded the Constitution last week? The question then becomes: which is worse, torture or child molestation? Gee, the Republicans are really on a roll, aren't they?

The Radical Reich is also on a roll, thinking that the Republicans were afraid that they might be accused of gay-bashing if they disciplined a child predator. Yeah, because just like gay marriage is the same thing as a guy marrying a goat, and will destroy every heterosexual marriage in America as straight men across the country suddenly get fond of farm animals, so pedophilia is the same thing as two grown men who love each other. Rick Santorum's logic is just...flawless, isn't it? I'm so glad the Radical Reich has embraced it.

Trent Lott was on the Daily Show last night trying to extricate himself from his "towelheads all look alike" comment, and Jon Stewart let him get away with it. Shame on you, Jon. You should have ripped that Klan member a new one. Or just not had him on your show. I would have preferred the latter. Trent Lott is worse than George Macaca. Remember last year when he said we'd be better off if Strom "I hate niggers" Thurmond had become President in 1948? Real class act there.

Well, that's what's on my mind. What's on yours?