Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mark Warner Not Running for President in 2008

which is not good news. He could have been the anti-Hellary: a credible, moderate, dynamic candidate with cross-party appeal, from Virginia, a red state that could have been put into play--a Clintonesque dark horse that could have united the diverse wings of the Democratic Party, and beaten John McConjob or whatever other neo-fascist the Repugnant Party puts out there.

The idealist in me is still rooting for Russ Feingold, but I know he's a longshot. He's got stuff going for him though--respected for his efforts on campaign finance, from a swing state (Wisconsin), and very able to energize the activist base of the party, but the question is whether he'd be able to generate enough cross-party appeal to take on a media darling like John McConjob.

Ultimately I worry that the Dems will pick someone horrible and useless like John Kerry again, and we'll lose.