Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday morning...oh how I hate Monday morning

in which I continue this blog as if it never had a 6 month hiatus. And pretend that I have an audience, thus hoping to generate one by sheer force of will.

Hiatus is kind of a funny word.


Over the weekend, I had a funny thing happen that almost made my head explode. My partner and I were driving to a home furnishings store when we found ourselves near a van with the following bumpersticker stuck amongst many other pro-Bush, super-Christian bumperstickers.

"I love Gitmo."

I was so infuriated that I was literally yelling at her in my car, and my partner joined me, and we got in front of her and flipped her off. Yeah, real mature, right? I have a bumper sticker on my car that mocks the whole "yellow ribbon" thing. It's a yellow ribbon in the shape of a question mark that says "Question War." Hopefully she saw that, but I doubt it.

Anyway, to add to our embarassment at being reduced to acting like angry monkeys because of this fascist, we soon discovered that indeed the fascist in the van was going to the very same home furnishings store as we were. We both decided that we would do our damndest to avoid her and forget the whole thing.

But not so. She sought us out in the store and confronted us about our, admittedly immature, reaction to her fascist bumper sticker. My partner started arguing with her, and I just got more and more flustered and incoherent with anger. When she told us to "take our gay asses home," I lost it, and, as she was walking away, I yelled, "well you're a fascist bitch!"

Thankfully, she finally walked away, and we were free to shop in peace. I must admit that my behavior during that incident was, shall we say, less than responsible and mature, but that bumper sticker was just...oooh.

I love Gitmo? So what are you saying, "I love torturing people who have been held without trial or access to a lawyer for years and years?" Hey, let me call you an enemy combatant, lock you in a cell, waterboard you and see how you like it. Hey, it's the American way, right? Cause we don't have any concept like "due process" or "habeas corpus."

Seriously, if another country started locking up Americans and calling them "enemy combatants," denying them access to counsel and torturing them, we'd invade them and call them a rogue state.

Or, as I heard it put on another blog, "How can we even have a debate about torture?"

On a lighter note, here's a ridiculously sweet video that will tug at your heartstrings, though I recommend listening to it without the volume on as the music is terrible:

What's on your mind today?