Friday, March 3, 2006

Tulsa Mayor's Race: a DINO vs. a Republican

Democrat In Name Only Kathy Taylor looks set to win the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, and current mayor Bill LaFortune looks likely to fend off his Republican primary challengers.

Now, this poll was taken before news of Kathy Taylor's alleged voter fraud surfaced, but her margin against McCorkell is too big for that to matter enough.

Well, looks like I'll be casting a protest vote for one of the insane independent candidates (like Paul Tay, who runs around town on a bicycle with a big inflated penis on the back) in April. I won't vote for a candidate who gave money to the campaigns of Steve Largent and BOTH of W's Presidential runs. And the other candidate is a Republican.

I'll still vote for McCorkell on Tuesday though. Here's hoping for a surprise victory. Of course, I have no idea if any of these candidates have a shot in hell against LaFortune.