Thursday, March 2, 2006

Tim Robbins directs new play adaptation of "1984"

Robbins accuses the entertainment industry of being far more conservative than we are led to believe. "I'll bring up the most crucial time in the last ten years, right before the Iraq war; Hollywood was essentially silent about that. I had many people tell me 'Now's not the time to protest.' Well, if now's not the fucking time, when is the time?"

Tim Robbins is directing a new play adaptation of Orwell's 1984, in which he parallels a lot of what's going on now in Bush's America with the horrific anti-utopia of Orwell's book. One of the key points in this production is the idea that "capitalism uses continual warfare as a means of economic exploitation and control." That idea is taken from the novel written by Big Brother's nemesis, Goldstein.

Robbins is also planning a film version of 1984, set in present-day New York.

Should be interesting.