Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Primary Election Roundup

Kathy Taylor wins the Democratic nomination for Mayor. That's right, once again the Democratic Party has allowed itself to capitulate to the Republicans before the battle is even joined, by selecting a candidate who was, until recently, a Republican herself, and in fact gave money to Republican candidates as recently as 2002. But hey, if she's the more "electable" candidate, then what the fuck does it matter, right? That's the Democrats' credo: "We stand for nothing except trying to get elected!"

Yeah, kids, that's why we always fucking lose. Because faced with the choice between a real Republican and a Democrat trying to be a Republican, most independents will choose the real Republican--and independents are the real power players in politics. (See Coburn v. Carson 2004). When we have a real Democrat in the race, advocating real alternatives, that's when we have a real shot at winning (see Sullivan v. Dodd 2004--which we lost, but it was still a good contest). Even in red states, blue blooded Democrats can win on the important issues, if they stick to what's actually important--health care, education, you know, stuff that affects more than 1% of the population, and talk in real terms about real issues.

Anyway, one good piece of news is that Proposition One passed, which changes the Tulsa city charter so that zoning changes will require a super-majority of city council members to override citizen protest. That'll stop crap like banks building branches where the citizens of the area clearly don't want them. Which happened in my parents' neighborhood.

Now if we could only get the bloody roads fixed.

And could someone tell me what the fuck is up with gas prices all of a sudden?