Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hamas Denies Running Suicide Bombing Website for Palestinian Children

Sickening article--there's apparently a website that encourages kids to become suicide bombers. An Israeli agency accuses Hamas of running the website, and Hamas denies it.

This is the face of the Palestinian "resistance" to the Israeli "occupation." Websites that encourage children to kill themselves and take innocent civilians with them. Virulent hatred and lies spread about Jews in schools, mosques and society in general. A glorification of violence in the pursuit of a fanatical Islamist state. And the Palestinian people have elected the worst, most vicious killers to be their representatives.

Is peace even possible under these conditions? Every time I hear about another inhuman Palestinian "resistance" tactic, like this suicide bomber website for kids, it pushes me that much closer to Likud's thinking. But I'm still not there--yet. If I were in Israel today, and I had to vote, I don't know who I'd vote for. My heart is with Meretz, but my desire for Israeli security and some kind of an end to the farce that this "peace process" has become might lead me to vote Kadima. I think that's about as far right as I'd go.

Still. This story disgusts me. The inhumanity of the Palestinian extremists disgusts me. The fact that these extremists have been elected as "legitimate" representatives of the Palestinian people disgusts me. And the fact that much of the world community doesn't see these terrorists for what they are disgusts me.