Friday, February 24, 2006

Dems ahead on national security for the first time ever

Good news brought to my attention by the good folks at DailyKos. Looks like the Democratic Party is beating the Republicans for the first time EVER on the issue of national security. This according to a new poll released by the Rasmussen people. Link is above. This is a huge deal, and very very good for the Democratic Party.

What this means is that November will see huge changes and major incumbents go down. I predict a Democratic sweep of the Senate and a major gain for the Dems in the House. Dems taking back the House would be nearly impossible due to the horrid redistricting system we have especially in states like Texas. Of course, what else would you expect when you put political parties in charge of choosing political districts? That's why I'm in favor of creating an independent non-partisan Federal body to map out congressional districts. Or maybe have a non-partisan body in each state that does it. Either way, it's got to be non-partisan.