Thursday, January 5, 2006

My e-mail to

Why do you insist on covering everything that Pat Robertson says? He quite clearly lost whatever might have been left of his mind a long time ago. Don't give him a megaphone to blast his hateful, irrational and frankly idiotic messages. He doesn't deserve the nation's attention. He deserves a straitjacket.

Thank you.

I wrote that in response to a front page story CNN ran in which Pat Robertson blathered about how "God had smote Ariel Sharon" for dividing the Holy Land. I literally yelled "oh FUCK YOU" when I read that story. If there's anyone I actually hate in this world right now, it's Pat Robertson. That man is out of his fucking mind, and needs serious therapy. In any case, he does not deserve the international megaphone of or any other news source.