Thursday, January 5, 2006

My e-mail to

Why do you insist on covering everything that Pat Robertson says? He quite clearly lost whatever might have been left of his mind a long time ago. Don't give him a megaphone to blast his hateful, irrational and frankly idiotic messages. He doesn't deserve the nation's attention. He deserves a straitjacket.

Thank you.

I wrote that in response to a front page story CNN ran in which Pat Robertson blathered about how "God had smote Ariel Sharon" for dividing the Holy Land. I literally yelled "oh FUCK YOU" when I read that story. If there's anyone I actually hate in this world right now, it's Pat Robertson. That man is out of his fucking mind, and needs serious therapy. In any case, he does not deserve the international megaphone of or any other news source.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Ariel Sharon fighting for his life

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon has been taken to hospital suffering a major stroke and brain hemorrhaging. His powers of office have been transferred to Deputy PM Olmert.

If Sharon doesn't survive, what does this mean for the peace process? If Sharon dies and Hamas wins the Palestinian elections, can Israel survive?

This is an increasinly terrifying situation. And just when we had at least a glimmer of hope that Israel would unite around a pragmatic peace-focused party, the thing holding that party together is now at risk of being destroyed.

I just don't know what to think right now. Let's all just hope (and pray if that's your style) that Ariel Sharon survives and can make it. Or, barring that, that Kadima can survive Sharon's death and find another leader to rally around and continue the peace process.

And let's hope that Hamas doesn't win the Palestinian elections.

That would be a disaster for all concerned.