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Breaking news: Peres to leave labor, join Sharon's Kadima Party

According to the Jerusalem Post (link to story above), Shimon Peres, longtime leader of the Israeli Labor Party and highly respected political figure, has decided to leave Labor and join Ariel Sharon's new Kadima party.

Rumors about this had been circulating since Sharon decided to break with Likud, but nobody knew until today that Peres would actually bolt Labor.

Notwithstanding the peculiarities of the deal that led to Peres' decision to leave Labor, his departure marks another huge shift in Israeli politics and a further marginalization of both of the two parties that, until a few weeks ago, had dominated Israeli politics for decades.

With Peres' departure from Labor, Sharon's party, now known as Kadima, which is Hebrew for "Forward," is virtually assured a solid, convincing, I daresay overwhelming victory in the March elections. Likud and Labor will both be extremely marginalized as both will be led by ideologues, Netanyahu on the right and Peretz on the…

The blog that cried "I procrastinate!"

Yeah, so a couple of weeks ago I posted that this blog was going to be back up and running and I would be spewing forth great gobs of gratuitous goofy g...ok I'm out of "g" words. Then I disappeared again. Well, a lot has happened since then and I'm itching to get some thoughts down on this cyber-paper before the stories get cold and start to congeal on my computer screen thus making it difficult for me to...ok enough strangled metaphors.

The point is, a lot of shit has happened lately. A lot of big shit. And there's a lot to talk about. So let's get to it.

First issue: the budget. The Republigrinch who stole Christmas. The Repugnant Party has decided that their priorities should be to take school lunches, Medicaid and food stamps away from poor people and give rich people even more of a tax break. No surprise there.

The new thing--and this is big--is that the few remaining sensible people in the Republican Party aren't letting Tom Delay chain them t…

Alito and other stuff

Well, it's as we feared. Bush has nominated a Scaliasolini to the Supreme Court. It's up to good progressives to do what we can to fight this nomination tooth and nail and make sure he goes down in flames like Robert Bork.

Several groups have petitions online. I signed the one put out by

I'm pretty terrified that this country is about to take a hard right turn. And considering how far right we are at the moment, that's not good. We can only hope that the Democrats show enough chutzpah to block this nomination. I'm all for a filibuster.

A couple of other things:

--Last week George Takei (Star Trek's Sulu) came out. I just wanted to acknowledge that and welcome him to the club. He'll be receiving his party pack soon.

--Israel is waging an all-out war on Hamas. I'm hopeful that since Israel has withdrawn from Gaza, Hamas will lose credibility when it tries to fight the "Zionist occupation" since, well, there isn't much of an oc…