Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Alito and other stuff

Well, it's as we feared. Bush has nominated a Scaliasolini to the Supreme Court. It's up to good progressives to do what we can to fight this nomination tooth and nail and make sure he goes down in flames like Robert Bork.

Several groups have petitions online. I signed the one put out by moveon.org.

I'm pretty terrified that this country is about to take a hard right turn. And considering how far right we are at the moment, that's not good. We can only hope that the Democrats show enough chutzpah to block this nomination. I'm all for a filibuster.

A couple of other things:

--Last week George Takei (Star Trek's Sulu) came out. I just wanted to acknowledge that and welcome him to the club. He'll be receiving his party pack soon.

--Israel is waging an all-out war on Hamas. I'm hopeful that since Israel has withdrawn from Gaza, Hamas will lose credibility when it tries to fight the "Zionist occupation" since, well, there isn't much of an occupation anymore, at least in Gaza. We need to get out of the West Bank, and soon. The sooner we do everything the Palestinians claim they want us to do, the sooner the terrorist factions lose international credibility with their reasoning for attacking Israelis. And once the terrorists lose credibility, the terrorists lose. Then we can start talking about peaceful coexistence.

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween. I had no trick-or-treaters at my abode, which was actually pretty nice for a change. Instead, my partner and I curled up on the couch and watched Ringu 2, which is a far better, but still very confusing and disjointed, film than its American counterpart.

Till next time, this is lefthook, signing out without a catchphrase.