Thursday, October 27, 2005

Welcome to lefthook

Welcome to lefthook, a stunningly insightful look at modern politics and the world around us. I am your host, Ethan J., and I will be captaining this left-handed political gondola, occasionally stopping to create stupid, cheesy metaphors that cause you to grimace and hate me.

Well, I hope that doesn't happen too often.

Feel free to browse through posts that I wrote back in the early days, way back in mid-2005, when this blog was The Left Hand, a somewhat less cleverly titled but startlingly similar blog.

My goal is to post as often as possible, or at least as often as something I read in the paper or on the news strikes my fancy or pisses me off or causes me to jump up and down in a blind stomping rage. Better to stomp on a keyboard than a cat, I say.

So off we go...

First topic: the withdrawal of Harriet Miers.

I don't think anyone's saying this, so I might as well be the paranoid conspiracy guy for once.

What if the administration set up Harriet Miers to fail from the beginning? The theory goes like this. Nominate someone blatantly, stunningly, blisteringly unqualified for the post, and then when everyone complains, including the all-important right wing of the Republican Party, have the nominee "conveniently" withdraw. Then, to "appease the base," nominate someone with a judicial philosophy somewhere between Scalia and Mussolini, and be praised by your Evangelical fan club, who are so "relieved" about the Miers nomination collapse, for your "brave choice."

Meanwhile, news that Tom Delay, Karl Rove, Scooter Libby and other top administration officials might be going down in flames is pushed somewhat to the side of the picture while everyone scrambles to interpret this breaking judicial "news."

I'm not saying this is what happened, nor am I saying that I have any concrete evidence that Miers was set up as a, but I am saying that I wouldn't put it past those creeps to do something slimy like that. That's all I'm saying. They're slimy. Slimy slimy slimeballs from the planet slime.

Then again, why didn't Bush just nominate a Mussolini-Scalia monster to begin with? He has the "political capital" to play with--controlling the House, Senate and the White House--so why bother playing a political game in the first place? Maybe I'm overthinking this situation and it was just another example of the "hey, I like you, so even though you're completely unqualified for this position, I'm going to nominate you for it anyway" modus operandi of this administration that worked so well with "Brownie" and others.

In any event, this administration is doing a "heck of a job." Really.

In other news, a new poll released says that if we held an election this year, Bush would LOSE TO A DEMOCRAT!!! Ok, so, um, Let's DO IT. Sigh...I wish. Hey, anyone up for a massive nationwide "recall the President" ballot initiative?

Ok, that's all for me tonight folks, till next time, this is lefthook, signing out without a catchphrase...


  1. This has actually been a common theme over the last few days - that the nomination was a total set up.

    However, most bloggers are taking it a step or two further... since Bush's credibility is - um - a bit low, whomever his next nomination is will be brushed aside. The theory I like best is that Bush has roused from his coke induced stupor, noticed how badly he's hurting America, and is using this next nomination to appease the ultra-conservative religous reich by choosing someone totally evil. But since this choice will be knocked down by everyone, Bush will then be free to say "Hey, I tried to make you happy! I give up, fellas." and appoint someone moderate.

    I can hope.

  2. That's interesting. The question I have is whether the Democratic Party really has the cojones to stand up to a super-right nominee. Sure, some Democrats will no doubt come out against...let's call him Scaliassolini, but will it be enough?

    The other variable, of course, is whether the Republican Party has been fractured enough by the recent scandals and party infighting that Bush can't even get a lock on a majority of Republican votes. That will be a real blow for the White House and the Republican Party in general, and will probably help the Dems in '06.

    I really wish that all of this would have waited until next August to blow up. That way, the Dems would really be able to sweep up the House and Senate in November...

  3. Looks to me like we will find out just who has the cojones since he just nominated Samuel Alito. I am scared now...this guy sounds like a world class righty tighty with all the fixuns of an uprooting of women's rights. Scary stuff, looks like your theory was right.