Monday, August 15, 2005

Abbas welcomes pullout, eyes East Jerusalem and West Bank

"'The withdrawal of the enemy from part of our occupied territories is a big defeat to the Zionist enemy that is withdrawing under the strikes of Palestinian militant groups,' said Islamic Jihad commander Abu Mohamed.

He said that his fighters 'would never drop their arms unless the occupation ends in all the occupied Palestinian territories.'

'We will continue armed resistance until the liberation of all the occupied territories,' he said."

We all know that these murderers won't be happy until all of Israel is destroyed. That's what they relaly mean by "occupied territories." They mean Israel itself. The key right now is not to give in to these kinds of arguments--it wasn't the bloody suicide bombers who precipitated this withdrawal, and the withdrawal is not a sign that the extremists' bloody reign of terror was "successful." It's simply a recognition of certain political realities--that 8,000 extremist settlers cannot survive in a ghetto surrounded by millions of hostile Palestinians, and that to achieve peace, Israel must be willing to make certain leaps of faith.