Sunday, July 31, 2005

What's going on with the space program?

Seriously. Two years ago we had a shuttle literally disintegrate in mid descent, killing all on board. Now we've got almost the same problem on Discovery. Are these astronauts going to make it home? Who's behind the wheel at NASA?

Sometimes I feel like NASA has just become this big bureaucratic nightmare that will never propel us into serious space exploration. Everything they do is so huge and complicated and expensive and overbudget and delayed and has problems and explodes...maybe now that they don't have those eeviyl Commies to fight, since there is no more "race" anymore, the quest for space is no longer a priority. The Cold War might have been a stupid battle between ideologies, but it certainly led to some serious technological advancement that we wouldn't have had otherwise...

Anyway, here's to the astronauts of Discovery. May they make it home safely and may NASA get to work on more projects like the Mars rover, you know, projects that work.