Saturday, July 30, 2005


Hello. This would be my first post and my first serious venture into the world of "blogging."

I have a LiveJournal, and I've used that for quite a while now, but that's mostly for more personal and trivial things.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a forum for me to attempt a serious political writing career.

My intent is to post every day.

Some days I might have something interesting to say, but other days I may not.

For instance, today I'm writing about writing. You may find that interesting or you may not. You may not even exist, as I know that nobody is going to see this blog until I start promoting it, and before I do that I have to have something worthy of promotion.

In any event, here's what you'll likely find at the Left Handed Blog:

1) Political commentary from a perspective somewhere to the left of Howard Dean and somewhere to the right of Vladimir Lenin.

2) Well, that's really all I'm planning for this blog to have.

3) No, seriously, there's no need for this list to continue.

4) Stop it!

5) I mean it. I don't have any more items to list right now.

6) Argh.

Right, well, that gets old quickly.

In any event, sit back, relax, throw some cliches on the fire and get ready for some first class...something. And remember, no matter how big you think the world is, it's always bigger if you look at it from somewhere else.

How long did you take trying to decipher that quote? Yeah, that was way too long. And you're right; it doesn't make any sense or mean anything. Ah, but such is the mystery of the univ....ok I'll stop now.