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My husband's letter to American Airlines

My husband Matthew wrote this letter & emailed it to AA's top executives based on an experience he had on one of their flights, in which the word "bisexual" was censored from an episode of 30 Rock shown on the flight.  Read on.

Hello, On November 24, 2011 (Thanksgiving day) I flew with your company on your flight 442 from San Francisco to Miami.The flight and service was excellent, and I enjoyed the trip.But, I want to let you know I was deeply offended when I watched your in-flight episode of 30 Rock. The in-flight entertainment on your flights is censored for content.I understand that you would want to censor foul language from movies or truly objectionable content.What I object to is the censoring of the word 'bisexual' from the episode of 30 Rock.As a gay man, I am shocked that a national airline which I have always perceived as being open and accepting would censor the word bisexual from a prime-time program.I would like to know how the mention of bisex…