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Or not.

Nano didn't happen, for one reason or another. Whatever. Got about 13,000 words written and then just...stopped. Think I need more concrete direction on this story before I continue it. Also, I'm too tired, and I think a little depressed, to focus on writing right now...soon, I will get back into it, and finish something, and publish something, and get rich...that's the plan, anyway.

Writing Status

I'm doing NANO again, this time a rollicking story of chaos and mayhem that is turning out to be an absolute HOOT to write. I have 4,748 words so far, which is right on track for the first two days. As soon as the Nano people get their SITE working again, grr, I'm going to install a word tracker on this blog like I did last year, so you can keep track of my progress. Excerpts from this year's Nano will more than likely NOT appear here. One thing a Nano isn't is a well written, tightly woven story. It's more like a 150 page ramble, that, when you're done with it, you have to go back and untangle it and make sense out of it. Or some other mixed metaphor.

Aside from that, I still have The Shooter Vanished moldering on my hard drive waiting for me to revive it and make it sexy and perfect.

And, thirdly, I have about half of another novel done, but the trouble is that I don't know how that one ends, and I had to take about half of the plot out of it becaus…