Sunday, September 26, 2010

My note to Senator Ron Wyden has endorsed Senator Ron Wyden in his re-election bid, and sent me an e-mail asking for my endorsement. Here's the note I sent to Wyden's campaign in response.

Click here to help the Working Families Party and Bruce Cronk's campaign for Senate.

Despite your support from Moveon, I am not voting for you in November.

I do believe you are the least worst choice of the two major party candidates. I also believe that you will win handily in November.

To be frank, I am sick to death of the Democratic Party. The complete political ineptitude and cowardice of Senate Democrats boggles the mind. I find myself rooting for Sharron Angle just so America can rid itself of Harry Reed's incompetence. Every time Senate Democrats are confronted with a difficult vote or a difficult issue, you back down and cower, afraid that the Republicans will twist what you do into a win for them. The truth that none of you seem to be able to fathom is that Republicans are going to attack you whether you do something or nothing. They're going to attack you no matter what. That's how they operate.

So, I don't know, why not do something, anything at all, instead of always backing down at the mere threat of a filibuster? The Republicans have managed to create a Senate in which 60 votes is required to do ANYTHING, and Senate Democrats seem completely incapable of overcoming that.

I could go on forever about how fed up I am with the utter lunacy of the American political system, the ineptitude of the Democratic Party, the unified cadre of evil that the Republican Party has become.

Instead, I will work to build the Working Families Party, an alternative voice, at least here in Oregon, for those of us who would like to see our government actually function like it's supposed to.

And you and your colleagues can go back to the Senate in January and continue not to do the people's work.