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Bonus Happy Friday

Because Weird Al is funny.

Happy Friday

For obvious reasons. This song is a major memory marker from my childhood.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
by hushhush112

Whatever else you say about the man, he was talented.

Monday Loldog.


Ok, now I don't know what's happening in Iran.

I just watched the horrifying video of the girl Neda who was shot and died on the street. There is clearly much, much, more going on here than a simple election protest. However, I don't think turning a website green in solidarity with the protesters or with Moussavi is really helpful - it's the digital equivalent of a "Free Tibet" sticker. It makes us feel better, but nobody in the Chinese government is going to look at our cars and have a change of heart about Tibet.

Like I said before, Moussavi is simply a government-approved candidate who, if he takes power, probably won't be any more of a reformer than Ahmadinejad. At this point, though, it looks like whatever is happening is bigger than Moussavi and has gone way beyond the disputed election. It seems like Iran is at a pivotal moment, where the people are clearly demanding significant change, possibly a major rethinking of their whole system of government. I hope something good comes of all of this, but…

Happy Friday

Just a really good song.

"Civil liberties under Obama" forum 6/17/09

I wasn't able to attend this event, but it sounds like a lot of important topics were discussed. Here's a press release summarizing the forum. The forum itself will be broadcast on cable access, to be scheduled at a later date.

Overflow Crowd Attends Forum - Civil Liberties Under Obama: Are We Still At Risk?
By Mark Kramer, National Lawyers Guild

On June 17, an overflow crowd of 100 attended a forum - “Civil Liberties Under Obama: Are We Still At Risk?” at Portland State University. The event was sponsored by the Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), the ACLU of Oregon, Peace and Justice Works, the American Constitution Society, and others.

Participants included Steve Wilker (ACLU cooperating attorney), Tom Nelson (NLG attorney litigating against the NSA for warrantless wiretapping), Jo Ann Bowman (Executive Director of Oregon Action and former State Rep, co-host of KBOO FM community radio), Steven Wax (Federal Public Defender - author of Kafka Comes to Am…

What nobody seems to be saying about Iran

Iran is not a democracy. The "election" they just had featured four government-approved candidates. The current kerfuffle is between two of those government-approved candidates.

All hopefuls for high elected office must be cleared by the Guardian Council, a 12-member body of clerics and scholars loyal to the ruling theocracy. The council often rejects potential candidates considered too liberal or critical of the Islamic system. For Friday's election, just four of more than 470 possible candidates were allowed.

Now, if this kerfuffle turns into a genuine movement to overthrow the clerical leadership that actually controls the government and institute real democratic reform, then I'll get behind it. But trumpeting the cause of one government-approved candidate over another government-approved candidate, neither of whom are actual reformers who are going to move Iran away from an oppressive, radical theocracy that threatens Israel and the West? I'll pass, thanks.…

Why do Republicans hate our troops?

The House just passed a war funding bill, with all but five Republicans voting against it.

Why do Republicans hate our troops?

No excuses.

Obama's "Justice" department crossed a line today by filing a hideously hateful brief in support of the Defense of Marriage Act. The brief contained legal arguments comparing gay marriage to incest and parroting far right homophobic viewpoints that would make Pat Robertson giddy. Worse, it said that DOMA is constitutional, and that denying gay people marriage equality is not the same thing as denying interracial couples the same equality that led to the Loving v. Virginia decision. Interestingly, today is the 42nd anniversary of that decision, which decriminalized interracial marriage nationwide. Obama sure has an odd way of celebrating that anniversary.

Obama has shown a consistent disregard, if not an open hostility, toward the GLBT community. During the campaign he hosted homophobic gospel singer Donnie McClurkin. He had the bigoted fundamentalist Rick Warren do the invocation at his inauguration. His stance opposing marriage equality was used by the hatemongers…

Happy Friday

Possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen:

Language Nazi strikes.

Yes, I'm the language Nazi.

Two articles have pissed me off recently.

One: [Some American Idol dick] admits he's gay in an interview.

So is he gay outside of the interview?

Should be: "In an interview, [some American Idol dick] admits he's gay."

Two: "Lightning kills boy while fishing with Father."

Was the lightning fishing with the father, or was the kid?


New poetry

Ok, not exactly new.

But this is an excerpt from a collection of poetry I'm working on. Comments and criticism are welcome. This was written as a tribute to Allen Ginsberg on the 10th anniversary of his death.

4. America 2007

America I've given you all and now I'm nothing.
America two dollars and twentyseven cents won't even buy a gallon of gas June 12, 2007.
I can't stand my president's mind.
America when will we end war?
Go fuck yourself with your Guantanamo.
Your Patriot Acts like a fool.
I won't write my poem till you're in my right mind.
America when will you be rational?
When will you take off your mask?
I'm sick of your insane demands.
I refuse to be reasonable.
America pragmatism is a compromise between idealism and barbarity.
America realism is an excuse for barbarity.
Are you being barbaric?
I haven't read a newspaper for months every day another editorial tells me it's ok to torture.
America I feel sentimental about the Bill of Rights.
America I&…

Monday loldog


Happy Friday

and now in memory of David Carradine, who may have died from something rather embarrassing, here's this great scene from Kill Bill:

Monday loldog