Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello BNN Oregon!

The good folks at BlogNetNews have kindly moved Sinister from the Oklahoma feed to the Oregon feed in anticipation of the Big Move.

I'm an Oklahoma native, moving to Portland with my life partner, along with our one-eyed tonkinese cat named Cosette, and a neurotic but adorable mutt named Wendy, in a little less than three weeks. I'm excited about making a new start in what I am finding more and more to be a vibrant, unique, and extremely damp, city. The Onion newspaper satirized what I seem to be doing in a pretty hilarious article recently.

I've written Sinister for several years now. It's a blog that looks at the world from a left-handed perspective. I've written about everything from the Israel-Palestine conflict to the struggle for marriage equality to worker rights, technology, movies, music, and literature. I'm going to feature more local Portland and Oregon stories in the future.

Watch for my Happy Friday posts, which feature random videos - past entries have included Monty Python sketches, movie clips, and random YouTube stuff that made me giggle.

So, dear Oregonians, I invite you to peruse this humble blog at your leisure. I welcome comments, disagreements, praise, criticism, rants, raves, outrage, and applause. I also welcome restaurant recommendations.


  1. just for he novelty of the place and for great breakfast.

  2. Welcome to Oregon a little less than three weeks early! You'll love it here.

    The Voodoo Doughnut suggestion is an excellent one. They sum up the ubiquitous "Keep Portland Weird" bumperstickers as well as any establishment I can think of.

    Kevin @ Preemptive Karma

  3. I have heard much of this Voodoo Donuts is very high up on my list. :-)

  4. It's a shame that you aren't in both the OR and OK BNN rolls.

    Now that you have left us (congrats and good luck by the way), who will be editing BNN Oklahoma?

  5. No idea - I haven't been the editor for quite some months.

  6. Whoops. Shows you how observant I am. Good luck in Portland!

  7. Thanks. I'll continue to look in on you Okies from time to time, just to make sure you behave yourselves. :-)

  8. Ooh - Skye - that Swedish breakfast place you posted looks fabulous. Not exactly the most convenient location, but we'll definitely take a drive over there one of these days. :-)