Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gov. Henry tells Sally Kern to shove her religious indoctrination bill

Gov. Henry vetoed Sally Kerns' "religious tolerance" bill today that was opposed by everyone and their dog. The bill was a sneaky way of saying "students can believe whatever the hell they want and teachers can't discriminate against those students who refuse to believe in evolution, gravity, physics, etc," among other things.

Thank you, Governor Henry.


  1. Brad, you almost make me take back all the "milquetoast" sobriquets I have thrown at you all these years.

  2. I wondered why Sally Kern hadn't responded to my email of some weeks ago. She's been too busy representing herself rather than her constituents!

  3. Kern represents the worst aspects of this state's radical theocratic movement. Happily, Kern's ilk are quite literally dying out, and the younger generation is by and large much more sensible about issues of freedom and equality.