Friday, May 9, 2008

One rebate received - what are we spending it on?

My partner just got his stimulus rebate. How are we going to use it to stimulate the economy? We're paying vet bills for the dog's heartworm treatment.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have the money, but we're not going to stimulate anyone's economy, except the vet's office.

What are you spending your rebate on?


  1. student load debt. :)
    American's apparently carry more debt than other people in the world, I'm curious how many of them will use the money responsibly when the government intended it for irresponsible uses.

  2. Oh I know all about student loans. I bet a lot of Americans are using their rebates to pay down debt. If it weren't for the dog's treatment, we'd be paying down debt too.

  3. Credit Card debt!

    We were originally going to spend it on a cruise in the Bahamas, but it's looking less likely now. However, I just started work @ an AT&T store and if commissions go well, we may end up doing so anyway!