Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Great article about the Canadian health care system vs. the American system

This article paints a very good, very clear picture of the Canadian system, and quite frankly shows why single payer health care makes the most sense.


  1. oh dear. i blathered on at length here and i think i deleted it. bottom line: our health care system is broken and people die of it every day. that is unacceptable in this country. unacceptable.

    this is my experience with healthcare and i feel fortunate as hell that my husband didn't die and we had the resources to survive disaster:

    by the way, i'm just nattering on in your blog as if i know you and i don't. but i was pleased to find a progressive in tulsa. we're few and far between. happy.

  2. We are few and far between, that is true. I'm glad to have your input. Comment anytime.