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And also appearing,

"Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich and former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel also took part in the debate."

After an entire article hyping Obama and Hillary, this is all Kucinich and Gravel get? I start to wonder whether the media has a bigger role in picking the "serious" candidates than we give them credit for. I'm sure Kucinich and Gravel said things in the debate that were just as noteworthy as what Hillary and Obama said, but because the media has decided that they're marginal, they will never get any press. What if the media suddenly decided to cover Kucinich on an equal basis and with equal seriousness as they cover Hillary? I sort of wonder whether his popularity would increase.

Of course, I'm the worst kind of hypocrite because I support the heck out of Kucinich's positions on most issues, but I've also fallen into the trap of not seeing him as a "serious" candidate. But perhaps at some point you have to realize that if the media isn…

Isaiah Washington is an insane homophobic jackass

Isaiah Washington, who played, oh hell I don't remember the character's name, on Grey's Anatomy, says "racism" was a factor in his firing from the show.



When the show has quite a few other minority cast members in prominent roles.

No, sorry, Mr. Washington, you were fired because you insulted one of your fellow cast members with a homophobic epithet not once, but twice.


Elizabeth Edwards takes on Ann Cold Turd

and mops the floor with her. You go, Elizabeth.

Beijing 2008: The spirit of child labor and worker exploitation

Merchandise for the 2008 Beijing Olympics is being made using child labor, forced overtime, and other means of worker exploitation.

Karl Marx is rolling in his grave. Of course, he started rolling as soon as Stalin raised the red flag, and he hasn't stopped.

Should we boycott Beijing '08? Then again, when so many of our products come from China due to our huge trade deficit, will boycotting the Olympics really make that much of a difference? Or will it help to bring global attention to the problem of worker exploitation in this supposed proletarian paradise? I'm not sure yet.

Arise, ye prisoners of starving and being prisoners?

France continues to swing hard right

Sarkozy's party looks set to win a large majority in parliamentary elections.

This is going to be devastating to the French left. I just hope it leads to the kind of activist realignment that the Parti Socialiste and its allies so desperately need. Just as the right realigned itself under the UMP, maybe the left needs to create a new consensus party from the Socialists, Greens, Communists, and other smaller center-left parties. It's pretty clear that the Parti Socialiste has little credibility left at this point.

Judaism in the streets

An interesting article on the 6 day war. This week marks the 40th anniversary of Israel's victory.

Put me down as a left-wing academic who does NOT blame Israel for all of the Palestinians' problems.


After I submitted my piece on CUFI to The Seminal, it was requested that I should come out with a progressive Jewish perspective on the current situation in the Middle East. I'm happy to do so, but with the usual Jewish caveats: my perspective is not meant to represent the majority view of the Jewish people, and there is no official Jewish position on the Israel-Palestine conflict. My perspective is my own. What I bring here is an attempt to outline a progressive, Zionist, viewpoint, with an eye toward the historical realities of the region and the chances for future peace.

For a long time now, I've resisted coming out with a new essay about the Israel-Palestine conflict, because, quite frankly, there hasn't been much point. The current Israeli regime seems inept and corrupt, and the Palestinians are too busy fighting amongst themselves to do anything constructive.

Before I outline the steps I believe are necessary to bring peace to the Israel-Palestine conflict, I need …

Sunday funnies

I'm just too white and nerdy. Thanks, Weird Al.