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Condi Goes Too Far

Keith Olbermann's special comment from last night.

An Inconvenient Truth

won best documentary last night.

Nice job, Mr. President. :-)

And I will say this: if Al Gore jumps into the race, then John Edwards can go jump in a lake. I'm blown away with how much of a transformation has come over Al Gore since his run in 2000. Perhaps seven years as a President-in-Exile was just what he needed.

I didn't vote for him in 2000, by the way. I voted for a little-known candidate who got just over 7,000 votes. But I was young, idealistic, and very stubborn. I'm still idealistic and stubborn, but I've re-tuned my idealism in a more pragmatic direction.

Moron 2008

You know, the more Obama and Clinton are in the headlines, the more I like Edwards. And can I be the first to express my extreme and profound utter lack of surprise that Vilsack left the race? Thanks.

If John McCain is a maverick, then I'm a stick of butter.

McCain says Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

And gets himself endorsed by illustrious former Oklahoma governor and (not former) right-wing nutjob asshat, Frank Keating.

Still think he's a maverick?

Fucking media.

The man's a god damned political chameleon. Or at least he was. Now he's just a blatant right-winger with absolutely no "maverick" cred left to his name. I used to respect him, before I realized that what I was respecting was a media creation and had nothing at all to do with the man himself. McCain is a bad, bad, bad man. He is bad.

Krugman on Edwards' health plan

Paul Krugman likes Edwards' health plan.

Obama? Your plan?


I'm waiting.

Health Care

Edwards has a new health care proposal up on his website. It sounds good, using a mix of public and private "responsibility sharing" to achieve "universal coverage" by 2012. I'm a little wary of being "required" to purchase health care at some point, but I see the reasoning behind it.

I would much prefer a simpler, more streamlined effort to create a single-payer national health care system, the kind of "Medicare for all" system that was advocated by a lot of the 2004 candidates. However, in my old, cynical age, I've come to realize that such lofty goals are, shall we say, improbable, and that I should go with what sounds the most practical and reasonable. Edwards' plan sounds both practical and reasonable, though extremely complicated.

My full endorsement for 2008 may well hinge on health care. As one of the millions of Americans who has no health coverage at the moment (hypothetically I'll get bennies at this call center…

My support for Edwards is growing.

In 2003, Howard Dean went before the DNC and asked the question, "What I want to know is what are so many Democrats doing supporting the President's war in Iraq?" He said he represented the "Democratic wing of the Democratic Party" and won me the heck over.

In 2007, John Edwards, whom I thought of as a slick phony politico in 2004, but who has since proven himself both genuine and politically savvy, is carving out what might be referred to as the "Dean niche" for himself. He's coming at the race from the outside, blasting Beltway insiders Obama and Clinton for being, well, pussies, about the anti-escalation measure. Here's what Edwards said at a recent DNC meeting:
Democrats had to use all their "vigor and tools and strength" to block the surge and begin a withdrawal. "Americans are counting on us not to be weak, political and careful," he said. "It's time for political courage."

If Edwards can pull off the D…