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An open letter to the Owasso Character Council

Dear Owasso Character Council,

Please get off my television.

I really don't watch television intending to see my tax dollars wasted by some self-righteous woman lecturing me about what "initiative" means. And frankly, I'm not in Owasso, and I have no intention of moving to Owasso, so why do I need Owasso lecturing to me at all? If the citizens of Owasso want to be lectured at, and that's how they want to spend their hard-earned tax dollars, then that's their business, but frankly, I don't see the purpose of it.

I'm not sure how else to put it. Just please, stop lecturing me. Get off my television.

Thank you.


Ethan Jones
citizen of Tulsa
who knows enough about initiative to write this open letter

Author Dented

A new blog from the author of this blog, Author Dented will be a bewildered look at the world around us, its quirks, foibles, sparks and gerbils, and other words that are fun to say, and it isn't going to be focused on politics in the slightest.

Well, knowing me it'll be at least somewhat political but that won't be its main focus.

Anyway, since I know SO many people read this blog, because I post to it so bloody regularly, I'm sure you'll all rush over there and start reading and posting like mad monkeys.

*sigh...I really need to get serious about this writing thing if it's ever going to get anywhere...*

Merry Christmas...or else!

Can somebody please explain to me why some Christians are so religiously insecure that they simply must have the words "Merry Christmas" broadcast at them from every nook and cranny of their lives? Bill O'Reilly and the nutty right seem to be absolutely horrified at the notion that someone might want to not assume everyone they meet celebrates Christmas. The phrase "Happy Holidays" is as offensive to them as "Seig Heil" would be to me.

I am more than a bit astonished and bewildered at this whole persecution complex that some on the loony Christian right have affected. The vast majority of people in this country are Christians, and American Christians enjoy more religious freedom than at any other time in history. Yet, along with their freedom OF religion, some Christians want freedom FROM people who aren't Christians, and ideas that don't fit into a very narrow Christian viewpoint.

Savvy Christian fundamentalist political operatives, many of…