Write Sinister mission statement

Write Sinister will be a left-handed podcast about writing, the Universe, and everything.

It will focus on writing that deserves the moniker "sinister."

The word "sinister" is historically maligned, but I think it's time to take it back. According to dictionary.com, sinister means "threatening or portending evil, bad, evil, base, or wicked, unfortunate, disastrous, unfavorable."

But it also means "on the left side."

"Sinister" writing "threatens" genre conventions. It is "bad" for conventional thinking. It is "left-handed" while the rest of the world wants to be "right-minded."

Sinister writing breaks boundaries, it challenges the reader, it explores new ideas, and it does so fearlessly.

It is weird, and proud of being weird.

So this podcast is about challenging ourselves to Write Sinister.

I'll take your ideas, prompts, characters, ideas, whatever you have, and try to turn them into stories that I'll read on the podcast.

I'll give you ideas, prompts, characters, ideas, whatever I can think of, and challenge you to turn them into stories. If your story is sinister enough, I'll read it on the podcast.

I'll talk about sinister writing that I like - China Mieville, H.P. Lovecraft, Christopher Moore, Ursula LeGuin, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Jeff Vandermeer, Neil Gaiman, and so many others.

Sinister can be funny. Sinister can be serious. It can be horror, it can be sci-fi, it can be fantasy, it can be a post-futurist steampunk noir space opera starring an army of magical lemmings.

So let's Write Sinister, friends.