Podcast Progress - It has a Facebook page and a New Idea!

Write Sinister officially exists! On Facebook.


In preparation for the hypothetically imminent launch of this theoretical podcast, please comment here (or on Facebook) with the following:

-A writing prompt.

Give me a genre. Give me a character. Give me a thing, an object, a situation, a scene, a first line, a type of cheese, a small animal, a smell, a specific number of words, a word that I CAN'T use. Give me weird. Give me funny. Give me serious. Give me something you think nobody could possibly make a good story out of.

These prompts from all of you, the ephemeral and not yet listening listeners, will form the basis, the crux, the core, if you will, of this podcast.

I will start writing from your prompts as soon as I receive one that tickles my fancy, and my fancy is fairly easily tickled. And then I'll read your prompt, and my story, on this podcast.

And then maybe I'll challenge all of you to write a story based on that very same prompt. Or a different one. And maybe I'll read your story on this podcast.

Stay sinister.


  1. Two friends meet at a local restaurant, but the ambient music is slightly too loud for subtle conversation .

    1. Hrm. Might combine this with something else. Thanks!


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